A mini dating guide for men: the no-nonsense steps to your success with the ladies

Who knew there were dating ‘rules’?Most men figure that dating requires nothing more than calling a girl, arranging a date and time, then showing up. Well, fellows, there’s a little more to the dating game than that. Your date has several expectations of which you may not be aware. In this context, Woody Allen’s ‘90% of success is showing up.’ doesn’t cut it with the ladies, which has given rise to our dating guide for men. Read on to see what’s really expected of you, should you want to win her heart.
When you invite a woman out on a date, be specific as to where you’re going. “Wanna go to the movies?” isn’t good enough. Are you going to the movies and out for coffee afterwards, or did you have something like dinner at a trendy restaurant in mind? If you don’t give her a few details, she may show up in jeans and a sweater, suitable for coffee, but not the upscale restaurant. So, rule number one in our dating guide for men is, don’t leave her in the dark and potentially humiliate her in the ‘wrong’ garb.
“O.K., so I’ll pick you up around 7 tomorrow evening.” To a woman, 7:00 means 7 o’clock, give or take a few minutes. If you’re loose on your appointment times and don’t show up until 8:00 o’clock, she may not even answer the door! If you must be late, be courteous enough to give her a call and let her know you’re running late. Otherwise, our dating guide for men says, don’t be surprised when she dusts you off – permanently.
Let’s say you show up on time and have been specific on the evening’s entertainment and agenda. So far, so good. How else might you violate the rules in the dating guide for men? Ah! You don’t like her costume and aren’t afraid to say so. This is a giant faux pas! Even husbands can expect a spat for this error. Your date may walk out on you on the spot, or perhaps worse, start crying. No matter your opinion, you can be sure she went to great lengths to look her best – for you! For your own good, do not make comments on her garb!
Another quite important point in our dating guide for men: Never talk about other women in a disparaging manner. You may think that your date will assume that she’s somehow exempt from such criticisms, or you wouldn’t have asked her out. You couldn’t be more off the track. Instead, your date will assume you’ll be talking about her in similar ways to other women, or even worse, that you’re clearly a misogynist. You couldn’t do worse.
Do you know what type of men does best in the dating game? In summary, our dating rules for men conclude the following characteristics of the successful dating man: Those who are positive, honest, loving, considerate, sincere and possess a good sense of humor. In the end, the rules of your dating guide for men are all common sense. Use your good common sense, respect your date and the ladies will be lining up in the hope of being asked out by you!